I think that what is lacking in the conservative/republican and lets admit, alt-right (can we say white supremecists?) is a coherency of thought. Basically instead of well thought out policy positions based on observation and knowledge, it is simply a collection of dislikes, belief’s and a staggering amount of insecurity. It makes perfect sense that this mix of human chemistry would both be filled with the irrational hatred and be prone to liking authoritarianism. No leader in such a group attains true political power without wiping out some portion of political opponents.

And yes by wipe out I mean move towards genocide. I suggest we stop listening to their excuses, and excuses they are. Of course someone who is racist and wants to see a group stop existing is going to say that they aren’t racist, and of course they are going to take the attack and slam it back at their attacker claiming that calling them racist is in itself racist. It’s built in to who and what they are. So it doesn’t matter what they say, their actions and goals speak for themselves.

They don’t care about any of the goals that they say they do. Opposing abortion doesn’t have anything to do with protecting children, their other policies prove that beyond a doubt. It’s about controlling women. Their love of guns isn’t about rights, it’s about having the ability to hurt people they don’t like. Immigration isn’t about law and order, it’s about hating people who aren’t like them. Lets stop pretending that some coherent policy underlies what they are doing. They hate the idea of anyone other than them having power, and all of their actions are about taking power and using it against people they don’t like. That’s it. There is no attempt at making a better country, just a country that looks like them. I for one don’t want a country driven by hate, rage and stupidity. How about you?

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