Subjective Objectivity pt 2

I have been suffering a bad dose of writers block. It’s not the subject matter although i do believe I need a break from Human, All Too Human. I’ve been spreading myself thin, not taking care of getting the rest I need. This is, at heart, a piece of art I’m trying to create, mixing philosophy, blogging, recording and my own thoughts and trying to come to some conclusion different than what has been seen before. Sometimes though, it feels as if we all are just treading through truths that were already known, but never shared. Not secrets, but knowledge considered useless and then thrown aside. We were never given a chance to decide for ourselves if what was left behind had worth, and value.

 It is for this reason that all philosophies, and philosophers, cling to the elevated language of metaphysics and, seemingly by accident, avoids the simple explanations of physics

N ietzsche, Human, All Too Human

Once you move from actual science (the art of measuring) and into philosophy (which pretends to sit at the top of science but is really a different beast all together) you have forsaken the idea of objective! True science has no “utility” or “use” in of itself. Simply knowledge that can be used by the subjective observer to attain some utility or use. Acquiring knowledge is simply a more complex form of satisfying our curiousity, and so long as we do so for no given reason, we can consider it objective!

There has been no philosopher whose philosophy has not contained significant portions of apologia for knowledge.

Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human

By creating reasons for the pursuit of knowledge (and ignoring the fact that humans are driven to both seek the truth and create their own narrative) philosophers have taken an objective goal and made it subjective. This allows anyone and anything to present their opinion and be given the time to defend even the most insipid ideas. Humanity needs to step back and define science as it should be, seeking to measure, rather than allowing the fanciful ideas of utility define science. To say nothing religions attacks on science as a smokescreen for their hatred of women. The none stopping rage directed toward any research that involves ovaries is complete idiocy.

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